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Hello. My name is Sergey Koukhtenkov.
For more than twenty years living in Toronto.
I am a jeweler, have my own company. And I am fond of guitar.
With Alexander I am acquainted more than twelve years.

I am from Moscow. I graduated the Moscow School of Music at the famous seven-string guitar teacher.
In Canada realizing the benefits of six-string guitar, I decided to retrain.
I have visited almost all music schools and private teachers in Toronto, but the level of teaching guitar me never satisfied.
Almost lost hope of finding a good teacher, I was visiting friends and heard a guitar playing of their son, which I really liked. I picked up the phone the teacher and so was my introduction to Alexander, from whom I began to study and soon began to play music that I really wanted.

Alexander wrote an excellent tutorial that uses in teaching
In addition he makes arrangements for the guitar that sounds very nice and very comfortable to play. Similar arrangements I have not found in any guitar tutorial.
Alexander made a few thousand transcriptions of different musical compositions, there are all kinds of music and therefore learn from Alexander very interesting to all: for the student, who is fond of rock music, and for me, who loves classical music, flamenco, jazz and romances.

Students of Alexander repeatedly won first place in guitar competitions in Canada.
In the past, his student, and now a professional guitarist Vlad Ivashchenko won first prize at the prestigious international guitar Competition in Greece, where took part in more than three hundred guitarists from around the world.

It is impossible not mention one of the teaching activities of Alexander - the teaching of singing
For anyone who wants not only to play the guitar, but also to sing with guitar, it is possible to learn to sing and accompanied himself on the guitar.

I enjoy teaching method of Alexander and I recommend it to all my friends.
If you want a quick and good to learn to play the guitar, I highly recommend you guitar teacher Alexander Mikhailov.

With best wishes for success
Sergey Koukhtenkov