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Hello. My name is Joseph Solomon.
As Alexander, I'm a teacher. For over fifteen years I have been teaching programming and Testing in Toronto.

Many of my friends and their children went to Alexander and the rate of mastery of the guitar, me as a teacher is very surprised. Here are just a few examples.

His student Alice, when she was very young, expressed her desire to learn to play guitar. In connection a young age she was need help from her parents, so her mother Anna has been actively involved in the learning process. And that's what she told me.

Alice began studying guitar at school Yamaha Having been occupied for six months without result, they changed the music school but there, as said Anna, who was always present in class, year and a half training was not successful, although the girl was very talented. This time, Anna has decided to approach the learning process more responsible and find a good guitar teacher. She began to recognize which of the children of her friends learned to play the guitar, and how they play. So Alice met with Alexander. Alice had the previous two years of experience Guitar lessons, but almost did not know how to play. She's a girl for her age very workable, having a great desire to play the guitar, so the result was not take long - a few months later she was well-played guitar.

But Alice's family decided to move to live in the U.S. Alice and her parents were very upset that Alice interrupts the study with Alexander. After previous bad experience mastering the guitar, they knew how difficult to find a good teacher.

The other case. The son of my close friends Hera Kiselman. Before coming to Canada, he studied guitar in Chelyabinsk Music School at the best teacher of the city. On arrival in Canada, he was looking for a good guitar teacher in Toronto long time without result, until he found Alexander. The same way began to study with Alexander many of his students who are serious about guitar. For example, Marina and her brother, Daniel, who both won first place in the guitar festival in Ontario, specifically went to the downtown of North York, to study with Alexander

Here is a case that occurred before coming to Canada, when I was living in Israel. In a city music school, where Alexander taught guitar, concerts were every six months.
Alexander recently came to Israel, and so it was the first concert of his students. After concert director of Music School asked Alexander how it is that all his students came to him to learn, having a great previous experience learning guitar. Alexander explained that they all began to study with him from the ground, but she did not believe it, saying that learning to play guitar so fast it is impossible.

To tell you the truth, I never planned to study the guitar, but it's all so inspired me that I started taking lessons from Alexander and very satisfied with their result.

Joseph Solomon