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Hello, my name is Alexander.

I have long wanted to learn the guitar, but it did not work. But recently found for this time and I started. The first lesson, Alexander explained notes, showed how to keep hands and gave exercise. It was not easy to get your fingers to do what the teacher says. But gradually began to receive. Each lesson material is becoming more interesting. I have been only a month and could hardly believe it - I play!

I played to friends anthem of Canada, and not on the one string, and in an interesting, rich-sounding arrangement. I was asked where and how long I've been studying guitar? I said that a month ago did not know how to hold it/ All thought I was kidding them.

At the same time comes true my other dream - to sing well with a guitar. A part of each lesson, we dedicate vocal. While we sing only exercise, but soon I'll be singing songs that I want to sing.

I am very pleased to have found a good teacher and started to realize my dream - to sing and play the guitar.