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Each of us in his youth a desire to sing. For someone it is for life, someone passes. And of course for progress in this area are needed voice lessons.

There are two standard style of performance: academic and pop.
Academic performance is closely related to classical music and classical repertoire.
Variety art performance includes rock, pop, jazz, metal, chanson, funk, blues.

The guitar is perfect for accompaniment and it is great if you want not only to play the guitar but also to sing with a guitar.

All my students to study singing can be divided into two groups.

The first group, those who want to sing professionally. They take only voice lessons or in addition to guitar lessons full voice lessons.

The second group is students who do not want to be professional singers but just want to sing with a guitar beautifully. We solve this problem by adding to the basic guitar lesson 15-30 minute voice lesson. During this time you can not learn to sing professionally but beautiful and expressive singing possible.

To improve voice and gradual enrichment repertoire the curriculum includes:

breathing exercises
voice training
selection of individual exercises
guitar accompaniment
selection of personal repertoire
ensemble singing

All lessons are private. Individual approach to student is the key to success and therefore the student is always involved in the selection of repertoire and sings what he likes: rock, country, art song, stage, jazz, chansons, ballads, opera arias.

If you really want to sing beautifully with guitar this is real!

The list of musical compositions of the program, you can see here.