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The doctrine of the elements of music and their properties are shown in the musical-theoretical disciplines, primary of which is the elementary theory of music, which we are going to study music.

In addition to the main task - to bring music and theoretical knowledge in a logical system, the rate of the elementary theory Music helps to consciously perceive the musical text, instilling the habit of analyzing music. Basic knowledge and skills when meeting with a new piece of music help us properly disclose its content.

We are studying such topics as:

Musical sound and its properties.
Musical notation. Location notes on the guitar fretboard.
Rhythm. Duration. Rhythmic pattern. Meter. The concept of rhythm. Tact, upbeat. Size.
Accidentals. Anharmonicity.
Dynamic nuances.
Grouping of notes. Grouping of notes in instrumental and vocal music
Special types of division durations. Syncopation.
Intervals. Definition of the interval. Harmonic and melodic intervals.
Consonance and dissonance. Simple and compound intervals. Treatment intervals.
Chords .. The structure of the chord. Varieties of triads and seventh chords.
Mode. Modal function. Variety of major and minor. Key. The same name and the parallel key.
Intervals on the steps of major and minor keys.
Chords on the steps of major and minor. Triads and seventh chords on the steps of major and minor. Modal function chords. Resolution chords.
Modulation. Modulations.
Melody. The concept of melody. Melodic line. The structure of the melody, the principles of intonation. Vocal and instrumental melody.
Transposition. Different ways of transposition.