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There is a big difference between a musician and music teacher. Magnificent musician may have no idea how to teach.
I am a professional teacher, teaching guitar for over 30 years.
In the Soviet Union as a performer had higher CDR category, giving concerts from Philharmonic and Composers Union, but teaching has always been for me in the foreground.

In my teaching I use to teach students the material from the book, which is written by me This is because the musical material that I give my students is many times more effective of all that can be found in other tutorials, for guitar.

This is one reason why my students are moving about ten times faster than students at music schools in Toronto.

Mainly composers compose music for voice, piano and orchestra. For guitar written very little music, and so it is facing acute problem transcriptions for guitar at music that written for other instruments.

Particularly acute problem was in the last century in Russia, where the arrangements for the guitar in a music books were completely not playable, but also arrangements popular music and songs for guitar published with a delay of a few years, when the music is almost became obsolete.

But my students wanted to play popular music. So I began to make itself transcriptions for guitar. The problem was that it never taught. Break tons of literature, I began to do transcriptions for guitar. As a result in Dushanbe city, where I was Chairman of the City Guitar Society, I was the only teacher of guitar, who did transcriptions for guitar.

Of course, the first arrangements were clumsy, but over the years, make hundreds of transcriptions, I became do it skillfully and my arrangements did not go to any comparison with what was in the music books.

In the early 90's arrival in Israel, I was confronted with the fact that due to people having computers, abundance of interesting television programs and advanced entertainment, students were not ready as it was in Russia, to devote a few hours of their daily time guitar. So I began to search for way out of the situation and found it to be radically changed the approach to the Arrangement. plays. Now, even if invested a minimum of effort, my students began to get maximum results. A miracle happened - all my students began to play.

As a result, in the city music school where I began teaching guitar at the first concert director of the school hearing my students played at the concert, did not believe that all they have only recently started to learn the guitar, saying that no one can learn to play so quickly.

Currently I have done more than a thousand of transcriptions for the guitar, where practically all musical styles and genres: classical, folk songs and pop music, art songs, chanson, rock, metal, blues, jazz, pop, country, flamenco, Spanish and Latin American music. So my students interested in playing the guitar, no matter what musical direction they are addicted.

No matter what a student poses a goals - learn a few chords or play a real music, I give to all students a good technical and musical foundation. And therefore, if a student wants, in the future he may become a professional musician or play in a musical band.

This is appropriate in all cases, as even in the study of the simplest material, good technique allows to learn it faster. This is one of the reasons for the very rapid progress in playing the guitar.

You can listen or download them.

Entry level

House of the Rising Sun
Smoke On The Water

Middle level

Let It Be
Nothing Else Matters

High level


A more detailed list of musical compositions included in the program to study guitar can be found here:



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