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Do I have to study music?

Not necessarily, but it is desirable. Knowledge of music gives the student a lot of advantages. Unfortunately, not all students want to spend time memorizing notes. In this case I suggest alternatives, one of which is tabs.

Tabs - a simplified notation notes on the guitar fingerboard. If a student is going to seriously music, that knowledge of notes is necessary. If not, we can confine ourselves to the understanding of tabs or in extreme cases do not study notes.

Music - a special abstract language. Notes - the letters of this language. But to speak the language does not necessarily know the letters that proved children who without knowing neither the letters nor the rules of grammar well speak the native language. Although, of course the ability to read and write in the life gives us many advantages. Also in music and so many parents ask me to add 15 minutes to the lesson to study the theory of music, and as a result, the student gradually begins to know the notes and more deeply understand and feel the music.