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How long is a lesson and how many lessons a week, preferably attend?

This question everyone decides for himself. At the first meeting I covered in detail this issue, and you can choose the most appropriate option. Most of my students take 1-2 lessons per week for 45 or 60 minutes each lesson. And, if you take two lessons a week, we can make two lesson in a row or one lesson in two different days of the week.

Of course, this time is not enough to play the guitar good, and so it is very important to regularly play the guitar at home, doing homework, which I give to each lesson.

If you want to learn music theory (notes), ear training, music literature, ie items traditionally studied in the major music schools, or in parallel with playing the guitar, learn guitar accompaniment and voice training, it is possible to increase each class for 15 or 30 minutes, and to devote this time to these subjects.