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Why do I need to study music?

Despite the fact that the child is singing out of tune and has no ear for music, despite the fact that there is no one to bring the child to the music, despite the fact that the child has no free time - English section on swimming, ballet and more, there are good reasons all overcome and still teach children music.

Music taught all aristocrats, Russian and European. Musically - the apotheosis of secular manner. Around playing the guitar boys or girls, are always a lot of young people.

Music classes will educate and discipline, it is necessary to play the guitar all the time, regularly and continuously, with the same tenacity with which the champions train in the gym. Not in vain, almost all the known founders of the Eastern school arts engaged in some form of art - music, poetry and painting.

Guitar lessons are particularly useful for the brain, contribute to its development. This is due to the fact that on small pillows the fingers are biological active points responsible for the brain. Impact on these points, occurs on pressing the finger board and pinching the strings, the brain has a most beneficial effect.

Playing music the child develops mathematical ability. He thinks spatially, getting on the right frets, manipulating abstract sound pieces, storing music on memory. It is not surprising Albert Einstein played the stringed instrument - violin, and professors of physics and mathematics at Oxford is 70% of the members of the university music club.

Music and language - twins. Phrases and sentences, commas and periods, question and exclamation is in music and speech. Playing and singing people usually speak the language very well, it is easier to remember foreign languages.

Music structural and hierarchical. Understanding of musical structure facilitates understanding of the computer, too hierarchical and structural. Psychologists have proven that young musicians far circumvent their peers in terms of structural thinking. I.e. music leads to the heights of Computer Science, and not coincidentally, Microsoft prefers to staff with music education.

Music classes develop social skills, communication skills. So here is one step away from the talent manager. Most important for him to understand people. Music goes from heart to heart, and the most dangerous weapon manager - is disarming smile.

Musicians hearted and courageous at the same time. According to psychologists, male musicians sensual, as the ladies and women musicians stand solid in spirit, as the men. Children who are involved in music, both sympathetic and patient, and so they rarely break down of the family and they are often more willing to help their aging parents

Music lessons, play on stage teaches you to maximize availability, and a child with this experience will fill a serious test, interview in recruitment, responsible report. Music lessons in childhood give maximum shutter and artistry of a lifetime.

And finally, the music - the best way to success in life. Look at successful people in any field, ask whether they were engaged in music as a child? Of course! And we have reason to follow their inspiring example.