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How soon will I be able to play the guitar?

Everything is very individual. Someone - Mozart, some do not. One has the opportunity every day to devote an hour a guitar, and the other takes the guitar for practicing at home couple times a week for a few minutes. Someone is playing with a fresh mind, one of the last forces late in the evening after work.
So I can only speak about the average period of learning to play the guitar. Here, too, the scope is very wide, as one under guitar playing understands three or four chords, and the other - the symphony of Mozart. But I can say that often after only a few lessons my students play so good, that others can not believe that they have recently taken up the guitar.

In the early 90's I came to Israel, and faced with the fact that due to people having computers abundance of interesting television programs, and the development of the entertainment industry, the students were not ready, as was in Russia, to devote a few hours of their daily time guitar. So I started looking for a new methodology teaching when even with a minimum of effort invested, would be the best result. I managed to solve this problem and a miracle happened - because now the study of the same musical material takes much less time, my students began to play the guitar.