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How much are the lessons?

All lessons are private. My students learn to play the guitar very fast. If compared with music schools in Toronto, it is about ten times faster.

Obviously, if you do not learn the material in ten classes, but only one lesson, then do not pay for ten lessons and only one that is ten times smaller. Despite this, the price of my classes is low.

Lesson 30 minutes - $ 20
Lesson 45 minutes - $ 30
Lesson 60 minutes - $ 40

The first lesson-interview - free.
At the first lesson I answer to all questions of my potential students, tell about my method of teaching.
However, if you take a close look at this site and you do not have questions for me, we can start right away with the second lesson.
From the second lesson, we begin to study of the guitar. It can be done immediately after the first lesson, or in another time. We find a convenient day and time of studies and this time saved for you constantly.

The first month, to provide students the freedom to choose, I offer to pay per each lesson.
Starting from the second month, when the student is completely familiar with my teaching method and decided to continue the studies, payment is monthly.