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At what age can you start to learn and the maximum age at which it makes sense to start learning?

It is very individual. I have had cases where children begin to learn to play the guitar from four years. The younger a child is the better it treats all new. But music studies suggest daily homework, and for very young children it is a problem - low efficiency, and therefore at this age, for the successful promotion need at least initially support of parents. Parents do not need to be the musicians. They just need to initially help the child to organize their studies. And usually after 2-3 weeks, when students begin to play the first tune, they start to do it with pleasure.

Maximum age - there is no limit. I've had students who first took up the guitar at seventy. But, of course, with age, the ability to learn new material falls. But, as individual lessons, I try to take into account when teaching students all the features, and so with each student to build a strategy and tactics training individually. So I have a lot of former students who, realizing the dream of life, started to learn to play guitar when they were retired. And now the guitar greatly enriches their lives, what they often tell me with gratitude.