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What guitar to buy?

Bring your guitar to class is not needed - there are guitars in the studio. But at home, you need to have well-tuned guitar to play on it.

I advise you to start learning classical guitar. In the future, if you want, switch to electric guitar not difficult and some of my students in a couple of months get an electric guitar and amplifier and play the electric guitar, and later often create musical bands.

Music stores in Canada offer a very wide selection of guitars. But not all of them are suitable for study. I advise my students what guitar to buy, how and where it can be purchased, as the price on the same guitar in different stores can greatly fluctuate. After buying the guitar I tune and test quality of the guitar, and if the guitar has damage, I suggest take back to the store and buy another one, as the quality of the guitar has a big effect on the whole process of learning.